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Vanquest AnchorWraps (10-Pack) (Wolf Gray)

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Strong, lightweight, and endlessly useful. The 4" AnchorWraps are 7/8”-wide double-sided hook-&-loop strips that make managing extra webbing and straps fast and easy. Great for controlling excess bag and backpack straps so they are out of the way. Use them to help route your hydration bladder hose, communication lines or other small accessories.

For best wrapping and loose webbing management: 
Use 4" AnchorWraps on 1"-wide webbing and straps. 
Use 5" AnchorWraps on 1.5"-wide webbing and straps. 
Use 6" AnchorWraps on 2"-wide webbing and straps.

Specs & Features

  • Net Weight: 0.4 oz | 11.33 gram
  • Tape Size: 4"(W) x 7/8"(H) (Hook-&-Loop Anchor Tapes)