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Canvas Butt Pack

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G.I. Style Canvas Butt Pack to your tactical belt for additional storage of your military and tactical essentials while rucking through the wilderness.

  • Velcro Loop for morale patches
  • G.I. Style Butt Pack Provides An Ample Amount Of Space To Store Additional Military And Tactical Items (9" X 8 ½” X 6”)
  • Dual ALICE Keeper Clips On The Back Allow For Secure Attachment To Your Military Belt, ALICE Pack System, And Other Tactical Gear
  • Two Canvas Tabs On The Back Include Grommet Holes, Which Allow You To Attach The Butt Pack To A Harness
  • Flap Closure With Pull Tight Straps Keep Your Gear Safe And Secure
  • Durable Heavyweight Canvas Construction
  • Great For Military Personnel, Hikers, Campers, And Other Avid Outdoorsmen